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IN LOVING MEMORY! 8-15-1999 to 3-15-2008

IN LOVING MEMORY! 8-15-1999 to 3-15-2008
CH. Lamar's Kodiak Grizzly Bear CGC
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Unfortunately, I lost my wonderful boy Triton in March, 20008.   He was a wonderful example of a Gentle Giant.  The word "enemy" wasn't in his vocabulary with either humans, feline or canine.  He even loved going to the barn with me and hanging with the horses.  He had a very short show career and finished in just 6 shows, with all Majors!  

He also became a daddy on January 2, 2008 to THIRTEEN KIDS!!!  *check out *  

I will miss you my Big Lug always brought laughter, smiles, and joy to our family each and every day.   

Ch. Obstgarten's Triton Le' Moose
I will always miss you my BIG lug boy!

My lug of a Moose boy!

Triton in Portage Glacier, Alaska 2004

Cuddling with his girl


This photo was taken May of 2005 in Wasilla, Alaska at Wasilla Lake, which is about an hours drive from Anchorage.  Triton LOVES to swim and LOVES to try to drink all the water from the lake, LOL!     I had a young girl (about 4 yrs old) come up and ask me, "Is he a cow?".   I laughed and told her that he was a dog.   She said to me, "That's not a dog cuz dogs don't get that big....he's a cow!!".  So, after all that, Triton was a cow for the day, lol!    Which, he didn't mind because she gave him lots of scratches and loves. 


Doing what he does best....nothing.  :o)  


Triton eating Kodi's favorite "Woobie".  So now we know what happened to the 3 Bears!!!   LOL!  

My handsome boy. 6yrs old

Portage Glacier, AK. July 2005.

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